Presented as an Electronics eCommerce Website Design, Pixel can be used to promote everything the store has to offer and accept online payments. As an eCommerce Site, it can be used in any business area with similar needs.

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eCommerce Site

Sell Your Products online

With an eCommerce Site you can sell anything! Whether it be dresses in all their shapes and sizes, music files or software.


Bundled with PayPal (for accepting credit card & PayPal account payments) you webstore can also offer Bank Transfers and Cash on Delivery payment options.


Keep a birds-eye view of incoming sales & reviews, stock levels & general store performance, all from your WordPress backend.


Run complex coupon campaigns offering a range of discount options, usage limits & product / user restrictions as well as free shipping.


Set up shop with the options of offering free shipping, or flat rate shipping. Cater for specific distribution logistics, like table rate shipping.


Easily manage your digital or physical products with our intuitive and WP centric UI. Rest assured your shop will scale with your growth. Assign store managers to handle the day to day inventory management.


Tax is the last thing you want to think about when opening a shop. We've made it simple. Configure tax settings with tax classes & local tax rates.

Dynamic Pricing

A powerful tool for creating different types of bulk discounts and price adjustments.


Give your customers special discounts and track campaigns success by using Coupon Codes.


Allow your customers to add optional items/features to a given product, applying the corresponding costs.

Attributes and Variations

It's possible to assign multiple attributes to any product, which can be used to create product variations configurable by the shop customers.

Up-Sells and Cross-Sells

Explore consumption habits by suggesting product up-sells and/or related products.

Simple Checkout

You customers will appreciate a simple checkout process, with an registration for future purchases.

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It is highly recommended that you upgrade to a modern browser such as the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.